The minivan turns 40! A close look at the classic multi-seater car

The minivan turns 40 this year, and while it only makes up a small percentage of the car market, there's a growing interest from families and adventurers.
Cheddar News Senior Reporter Michelle Castillo takes a look at the classic multi-seater at the New York Auto Show.
The term minivan was first used in 1959 to refer to a small van, but it wasn’t until 1984 when the Chrysler introduced the Voyager and the Caravan that we saw the modern form.
 “It gave tremendous package, versatility for carrying people and cargo, a number of incorporated safety features and the sliding door,” says Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell.

 Michael Tripp, VP of vehicle marketing and communications of Toyota of North America says practicality of the minivan is what draws people in.