The Shed's new film 'November' explores race, gender inequality

A nonprofit that is looking to break the norms in art is releasing a short movie that examines white male privilege.
Just 11 months before the coronavirus pandemic hit New York City, The Shed opened its doors -- and then were forced to close them.
But about a month ago, Gov. Andrew Cuomo allowed flex spaces to enter phase one, so the team at The Shed got to work on a timely short film called "November." It discusses the relevant themes of the election through the voices of five Black women, and it's directed by Phillip Youmans.
"The subjects are about race, about gender inequality, about white male dominance, but then there is this joy that Phillip and some of the techs bring to the film. So it both celebrates Black joy, but it also digs into these subjects that are gripping our nation, whatever side of the fence you sit on," says Alex Poots, artistic director and CEO of The Shed.
Audiences can stream "November" this entire week for free from anywhere -- even while waiting online to vote.
To watch the film, follow this link.
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