Theater organization looks to bring Broadway experience to you

One theater organization is looking to bring Broadway to more New Yorkers who haven’t experienced going to a Broadway show.  
Research from The Broadway League showed that in the 2018-2019 season, most audiences were tourists, with only 20% of show attendees being New York City residents.  
For artists like New Yorker Noel Wippler, there’s no better feeling than bringing that Broadway experience directly to some New Yorkers. On Friday, Wippler and Inside Broadway’s traveling tour performed a show for the elementary school students at P.S. 304X in Throgs Neck.  
The production was a show inspired by Duke Ellington and the Harlem Renaissance.  
“This is a Black music artform. Jazz is art. It’s beautiful,” said Wippler. “We can give them a vision of who they can be or see someone who looks like them, at the very least.” 
Wippler says that bringing Broadway to all five boroughs will help expose young kids to art they may not have seen before.  
P.S. 304X is the tour’s first stop at more than 50 New York City schools.