Three schools seeing possible relocation for 2024-2025 school year

Plans for the following school year are already being made in full force – and some Brooklyn students may be reporting to different buildings for next year.  
Students of M.S. 915, DesignWorks High School and P369K will potentially call Pacific Park their home for the 2024-2025 school year in Downtown Brooklyn.  
Councilmember Lincoln Restler says that the high school, located in Albee Square, and the other two schools located at the George Westinghouse Campus, lack the essential space needed for all their facilities.  
A new design proposal aims to use the Pacific Park residential high-rise as the answer to their problems.  
"I wanna make sure that the school's that are excellent, that they have the opportunity to grow and provide space for gyms, and proper cafeteria space,” said Restler. “Space for the whole school to be able to gather in an auditorium.” 
Construction has already started, and the councilmember is hoping that classes will start the relocation process this fall. It will need to be approved by the Panel in Education Policy from the city’s Department of Education.  
Some neighbors are concerned that the addition of three new schools in a primarily residential area will bring up some issues.  
"Issues like loitering, noise, sidewalk congestion,” said Hugh Chapin, president of the tenant’s association at 38 Sixth Avenue. Chapin says he sees both sides, adding that “a lot of our tenants are looking forward to have their children just come right across the street and go to school." 
The DOE is expected to vote on the proposal next month.