Throgs Neck residents angered by MTA’s removal of local bus stop

Seniors in the Throgs Neck community are calling on the MTA to put back their local bus stop at the corner of Balcom Avenue and Schley Avenue.

Marisa Marcellino and Adolfo Carrion

Apr 6, 2023, 12:18 AM

Updated 419 days ago


Seniors in the Throgs Neck community are calling on the MTA to put their local bus stop back at the corner of Balcom Avenue and Schley Avenue. 
The bus stop was removed during the MTA’s Bronx bus redesign that took place last summer. Residents say that everyday tasks like shopping for groceries or getting out of the house have been made increasingly difficult for the older population in the neighborhood. 
"They don't even want to come outside no more, they don't go out of their homes, they're discouraged,” said Irene Estrada, a Bronx advocate for seniors. "One block to the other could be an extinction of their lives, somebody harassing them, somebody bullying them or somebody hurting them."
For residents such as Susan Hanna, she says being forced to walk one stop further down to get the Bx42 bus is bad for her health problems. She says that the older residents who live at the Throggs Neck Balcom Houses are being negatively impacted by this change. 
"For me you know I've got problems, I've got spine issues, I've got knee replacement… by the time you walk to the bus stop you're exhausted and you haven't even started your day yet,” said Hanna. 
News 12 reached out to the MTA, and while they did not respond directly about that specific bus stop, they referred News 12 to information about the bus redesign that highlights the changes made to increase bus speed and frequency for riders in the borough. 

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