‘Times Square on the Hudson’: Residents say nix floating ads

Floating billboards are like “Times Square on the Hudson” according to Kedwin Sierra, a Williamsburg resident who called the advertisements off Domino Park an eyesore.
"There's a time and a place for that, and this is supposed be a beautiful sight,” says Sierra.
On Wednesday, the city Corporation Counsel sent a letter to Ballyhoo Media’s CEO Adam Shapiro, saying in part: "There is sufficient cause to believe that Ballyhoo's operations in New York City violate the zoning resolution."
The Counsel gave the company until Jan. 16 to demonstrate how it intends to comply.
In response, Shapiro told News 12 that the “cited zoning resolution does not apply to the waters in which we operate. We are legally operating in accordance with all current New York City laws and zoning resolutions. We look forward to working with the city and resolving this matter shortly."
Marcy Benstock, the director of the Clean Air Campaign and Open Rivers Project, says she's going to do what she can to get the ads to float away for good.
"We will request that the Army Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard's federal agencies in charge of protecting and preserving public waterways do their jobs and stop the barges," says Benstock.
The Brooklyn Nets, one of the organizations that have appeared on the billboards, issued a statement saying they were handled by a third party: "The advertisement in question ran for two weeks in October and we weren't aware of any disruption. At this time, we have no further plans to advertise in this location."