Today is the last day to file your taxes or request an extension

April 18 is the deadline to file 2022 taxes, and while taxpayers shouldn't wait any longer, there is no need to panic.
Today is also the deadline to file an extension for those who need more time.
All across the country, Americans will be filing their taxes to make today’s deadline. Last year, the IRS said a record 19 million Americans applied for an extension.
The extension gives people until Oct.16 to file, but that doesn't mean taxpayers get more time to pay back the money they owe. They will still have to pay any amount due to avoid penalties, but the extension gives more time to complete the tax forms.
There are lots of organizations around the city that offer tax assistance, including nonprofits like BronxWorks where folks with lower incomes, elderly people and residents with disabilities can get free tax help.