Tracking Hurricane Lee: How NYC is preparing and how you can prepare at home

Hurricane Lee is quickly approaching and is projected to be a Category 3 hurricane with winds up to 115 mph.
News 12 Storm Watch Meteorologist Mike Rizzo says that while Lee won’t be directly hitting the city, there are still things to watch for, such as erosion and tidal flooding along coastal areas. Experts suggest you stay out of the water this weekend.  
Gov. Kathy Hochul says the state of New York is preparing for the absolute worst.  
“This is supposed to run for the next couple of days, I have directed literally every state agency to be involved,” said Hochul.  
The New York City Office of Emergency Management tells New Yorkers to know your evacuation zone, make a plan of where you’re going and who you’ll contact in event of an emergency, and to have non-perishables and water on hand. It also helps to secure lawn furniture, garbage cans, and have battery-powered flashlights.