Transit advocates give ‘Cozy Awards’ to tightly spaced stops

A group of transit advocates is highlighting bus stops in the city that it says are too close together, at its first ever “Cozy Awards.”
Advocates say the closely spaced bus stops cause slow bus service.
A report done by transit advocates show that the B54 bus stops on Myrtle Avenue between Vanderbilt and Clinton avenues, are the most closely spaced bus stops in the borough.

Advocates holding the Cozy Awards name bus stops in the city that are less than 260 feet apart.
"Bus stops should not be cozy. When bus stops are cozy it means they're spending less time at home, they're budgeting more time to get to work and to school on time, and they're stuck out in the cold waiting for the bus to arrive," says Jaqi Cohen, campaign director for Straphangers. "2 million people rely on the bus every single day, but buses are slow and unreliable, and we know that one of the best ways to change that, to fix that problem, is to make sure that the MTA is doing the right thing when it comes to re-balancing bus stops throughout the entire city."
The MTA is in the beginning stages of their bus network redesign, in hopes of improving bus service.