Transportation Alternatives calls on city to complete plans for more bike parking

Transportation Alternatives is calling on the city to follow through on its plans to add more bike parking across the boroughs.
The nonprofit organization says the city has made more than 10 plans to improve bicycle parking in the city in the last eight years, including a plan to build 1,500 bike racks annually.
Transportation Alternatives says there are one and a half parking spaces for every car registered in the city, but only one bicycle parking spot for every 16 bikes.
They say there has also been an uptick in bicycle thefts.
“This may seem like something small, but bike parking is the second biggest reason that people do not bike, outside of safety,” says Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives Danny Harris. “This is a very real issue that the city can make positive movement on very quickly, and in doing so, it’s also a celebration of biking across New York. Imagine seeing bike parking all over the city. It’s an invitation for more people to bike and a celebration that New York City is a bike city.”
News 12 reached out to the mayor’s office for comment and is still waiting to hear back.