Tropicalfete members get ready for Carnival

It is crunch time for many bands, dancers and groups getting ready for the West Indian American Day Carnival.
The event draws people from around the globe every year. Tropicalfete is an organization working overtime to prepare for the festivities.
"This week is just no sleep and trying to finish up some costumes, and make sure everyone is happy with what they paid for," said Alton Aimable, president and founder.
The organization is a triple threat with steel pans, stilt walkers and a singing group.
The stilt walkers range in age from 7 to 21 years old. Hazel Jones is the youngest and has been working at it for two years.
"At first it's kind of hard, but you get used to it," said Jones.
Shania Prescod has played the steel pan drums since she was a little girl but took a break after elementary school. After years of walking in the parade, she's excited to play a different role and get back to music.
"This is my first year performing in the parade with the steel pan, so I'm kind of excited to explore and see what it's about," said Prescod.
The group expects their performance to be seamless after lots of practice.