Turn to Tara: What to do when you get locked out of your social media accounts

It's a problem so many people deal with. Social media users across the area are getting locked out of their accounts and wondering what to do if it happens.
Team 12 Investigative reporter Tara Rosenblum shares tips on how to solve the issue.
Celebrity shoe designer Kara Mac was a victim of a hacking incident. She desperately tried to unlock her Facebook account but had no luck, so she decided to "Turn to Tara."
Experts say once you get locked out start updating your security software, especially if you are not sure how someone hacked into your account. They say you can use the software that comes with your phone or computer and run it to scan for malware. If something suspicious pops up, delete it and restart your device.
Other tips include updating passwords and turning on multi-factor authentication. If you think someone got hold of your social security number report it right away.
Experts say to prevent future attacks, use a firewall and set your security software and operation system to update automatically.