Twin Parks apartment complex receives free turkeys for Thanksgiving

Ten months after the tragic fire that claimed the lives of 17 Bronx residents at the Twin Parks housing complex, residents are receiving free turkeys and produce for their Thanksgiving dinner. 
While one may not be able to tell from the building’s reconstructed exterior that a fatal fire took place there, what happened at Twin Parks on Jan. 9 still rings vividly with these residents, and they’re receiving some help ahead of the holidays, with 100 turkeys given out on Thursday.  
The drive was held with the Bronx Borough president’s office and Camber Property Group, as well as Common Pantry. Borough President Vanessa Gibson says she’s still doing her part to make sure the story of those at Twin Parks isn’t forgotten. 
“We know many of the families were permanently relocated, but there are also families that have decided to move back here to Twin Parks… we want to come back at give out turkeys,” said Gibson. “I just remind the residents that they’re not alone… it’s been a challenging time for them over these last 11 months.” 
Gibson says there will be more turkey giveaways across the Bronx for families who are in need.