Two cat lovers on rescue mission to give stray cats a home

Two women from Carroll Gardens established the Tabitha Project after they found a stray, cute and cuddly cat they named Tabitha clinging to life in a decaying styrofoam shelter.
That was when they decided to get to work on the soon to be called Tabitha Project, which turns insulated coolers into safe and study shelters for stray cats.
Each of these shelters has at least two holes. There is an entrance and an emergency exit in case the cats need to escape any predators they deem to be scary.
There have already been about 200 shelters donated around the tri-state area.
The initial goal was to make only 50 shelters, but since there is such a high demand, the Tabitha Project is now outsourcing DIY-style shelters.
Cat caretakers are now encouraged to purchased everything they need to build this shelter and start building it on their own. Even if cats don't have a family, at least they have a home.