UFT helping hundreds of families get glamorous for prom

The United Federation of Teachers is lending a hand to families struggling financially, helping students attending prom look and feel their best.  
Prom is not only a special memory but a rite of passage for most students ending their high school career, and UFT wants to help as many students experience their ‘dream prom’ as possible.  
“I have two kids of my own, it can definitely be expensive,” said Dana Falciglia, of UFT. “Between the price of the event, the dress, the shoes, all the accessories that go with it… it’s a lot of money.” 
According to prom dress company Amarra, it can cost one student as much as $2,000 to get prom ready. That’s why for the last five years, the UFT has hosted a free prom boutique where eighth graders and high school seniors across New York City can try on over 2,000 donated dresses, tuxedos, shoes and even jewelry.  
Students at the Bronx event say there’s lots of added prom pressure with extravagant ‘promposals’ and dress reveals going viral on social media.  
“As a senior in high school, you might think that you have to step up your game,” said Theodocia, a senior at the Collegiate Institute for Math & Science.  
With their outfits taken care of, these students are ready to dance the night away.