Unions administer COVID-19 vaccines to first responders with goal to lessen burden for hospitals

First responders are taking steps to distribute the coronavirus vaccine to its workers, in an effort to lessen the burden for hospitals and other vaccination sites.
The Local 2507 Union has vaccinated 1,300 firefighters, EMTs and paramedics in just two weeks.
Union President Oren Barzilay says their plan allows workers to opt-in to get the vaccine by simply setting up an appointment.
More than 4,000 of its members have fallen ill to the coronavirus, and now that there's a vaccine Barzilay is hoping the front-line workers can stay safe.
"If you don't get your first line of defense inoculated, there will be nobody out there to pick up the sick and injured people," Barzilay says.
He adds they're hoping to vaccinate as many members who want the vaccine as possible as they continue working to help alleviate the burden on hospitals.