UPS workers calling out unsafe, unfair working conditions after heat wave blast in NYC

UPS workers are expected to protest in Brooklyn today over what they're calling unfair and unsafe working conditions following the recent heat wave in New York City.
Workers say UPS refused to install fans in the delivery trucks. They also say there’s no adequate ventilation in sortation facilities.
Teamsters Local 804 says this has led to workers getting sick from heat exhaustion to other heat-related illnesses. According to the ralliers, a 24-year-old UPS worker in Pasadena, California died on the job because of high heat earlier this month.
During the recent heat wave, they say UPS management told a worker not to call an ambulance even as he suffered from heat exhaustion.
News 12 reached out to UPS for comment:

  "The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. UPS drivers are trained to work outdoors and to manage the effects of hot weather. Preparation, rest, hydration and maintaining good health practices are key to working outdoors. UPS invests more than $270 million annually to implement programs focused on safety, including working in hot weather.

For example, our “Cool Solutions” program was developed with both Federal and State OSHA personnel and focuses on educating employees about hydration, along with nutrition and proper sleep before working in hotter temperatures. We have morning meetings with drivers all year round, reminding them of forecasted temperatures and encouraging them to be aware of their own health conditions. In the summer, in addition to providing water and ice for employees, we provide regular heat illness and injury prevention training to all operations managers and drivers.

Another example is our innovative safety platform known as the Comprehensive Health and Safety Process (CHSP). The CHSP is a collaboration between local UPS’s hourly employees and management that meets regularly to discuss health and safety, involving our front-line employees in ways to protect the health and safety of their co-workers. There are more than 3,200 CHSP committees in UPS facilities across the country.

We have a dedicated team of health and safety professionals who review work practices and promote health awareness. We also offer our employees multiple ways to share their concerns with us, and we promptly address issues when they are brought to our attention. We never want our employees to continue working to the point that they risk their health or work in an unsafe manner.”    

The ralliers plan to protest outside the Foster Avenue Facility later today.