Venus and Saturn to appear close together in the nighttime sky this weekend

The planets Venus and Saturn will be cozying up this weekend as the sun sets.
The planets can be viewed by looking toward the lower southwestern sky for the next few nights just after the sun sets. Unfortunately, cloudy and rainy weather this weekend may obscure the view somewhat. The planets will be closest together on Sunday night.
The next astronomical event to witness is Comet C/2002 E3 ZTF. The comet is slowly getting closer to Earth.
Viewing it right now takes skill and patience, as it’s not visible by the naked eye and it appears late at night. Starting Jan. 26, the comet will be visible all night and will be a bit higher in the sky. Look for it by the Little Dipper constellation.
The comet will pass by the star Polaris by Jan 29 and Jan. 30. It will be closest to Earth on Feb. 1.
The current magnitude of the comment is around 6.5 or 7. By the end of the month and into February, forecasts say it could peak and brighten to magnitude 5.5. This may make it visible to those who have a very dark sky and no light pollution. It will still be tough to spot in and around cities without optical instruments.