Veteran from Brookyn helps other vets find work after service

A Marine Corps veteran from Brooklyn is working hard to help other veterans find work after the military.
Tireak Tulloch says his goal is to help them seamlessly transfer their skills to the workplace.
Tulloch first enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2000.
During his time in the Marines, he got to travel to places he thought he'd never go. He reached the rank of sergeant before he left the Reserves in 2008.
Thirteen years ago, while he was still a reserve, he interviewed for a job at the Metropolitan Transit Authority and was hired. He got to use his military skills to help him transition to the civilian world.
Since 2006, he's moved around the agency. He’s now a systems administrator with the IT department at the MTA.
After he returned home from the Marine Corps, Tulloch said he wanted to see how he can help other veterans. That’s how he got involved in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.
His activism took him and his fellow advocates to Washington, D.C.,  where in 2011 he met with President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as part of an annual advocacy mission for veterans.