Video captures young boys being beat down in Sheepshead Bay

News 12 has obtained video of two boys being beat down in Sheepshead Bay on Monday.
The video shows a group of middle school and high school-aged boys robbing and fighting a 12-year-old and another kid.
“I waited 10 minutes and then I left the park, and they followed me and they chased me and I got jumped,” said the victim who asked to remain anonymous.
The victim says moments before the attack he was just playing with friends and then decided to head home.
“He could have been killed, or really badly hurt,” said the victim’s mother Ciara Murph. “The other one is still in the hospital.”
Murph told News 12 this incident didn’t happen in Coney Island, it happened in Sheepshead Bay where her son sometimes plays basketball.
“They had axes, guns, shovels,” she added. “It’s like attempted murder. I hope they kind the culprit, so this doesn't happen again to my kid or anybody else's kid.”
Police say one 14-year-old they believe is involved has been arrested and charged with gang assault. They say they are still searching for more suspects that they think were involved.