Video: SUV crashes into Bronx outdoor dining structure, drives off

An SUV was caught on video slamming into an outdoor dining structure in the Bronx and driving off. 
The incident happened late Sunday night when the nor’easter storm was beginning to coat New York City streets. 
Surveillance video shows the vehicle lose control and spin into the outdoor dining set up at Connaughton’s Riverdale Steakhouse. Later, the vehicle seems to gain control and drive off. 
The restaurant says they’ve been in the neighborhood for over 40 years and feel devastated by the damages. 
"It's heartbreaking really because it's been so difficult for us… Really and truly this shed has really been a lifeline for the steakhouse during this whole pandemic,” said Mary-Anne Connaughton. 
News 12 reached out to the NYPD for more information and has not heard back yet.