Vigil for 11-year-old Bronx boy found in Hudson River held

Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School held a memorial service and a vigil later to remember the life of the 6th grader.

News 12 Staff

May 23, 2023, 10:14 AM

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The Bronx community continues to mourn 11-year-old Alfa Barrie who was found dead over the weekend in the Hudson River.
Barrie's school, Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School, held a memorial service and a vigil Tuesday to remember the life of the sixth grader.
Barrie was last seen on May 12 with Garret Warren, 13, in Harlem where they made a quick stop at a nearby fish market. Warren was also found last week in the Harlem River, and an autopsy showing he died by accidental drowning.
The medical examiner's office is still trying to determine the cause of Barrie's death.Bronx community members gathered at a mosque to pray for Barrie on Monday.
Barrie's family said that he was a loving, caring young boy who liked to help his mom. They said they were saddened they lost a boy who was determined to be someone.
The memorial service took place at 4 p.m. at Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School, and the vigil took place at 5:45 p.m. The school yard was filled with students, family, and friends who remembered Barrie and his kind soul. 
A banner signed by teachers and students was filled with signatures and little notes to Barrie. Students were seen in tears as others read aloud letters to him, remembering who he was to them as a classmate and friend. His sister, Fatima Diallo, says she is still in shock. 
"This is not the outcome that I expected it to be... I was so certain he was going to come home alive," said Diallo. "I guess he was destined for something else... now he's an angel."
Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School tells News 12 that the school has been providing counseling support to students and staff since last Friday. They are doing one-on-one meetings and group circles where they can reflect on Barrie's loss and what he meant to the community.

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