Vigil held to remember man killed in Brownsville police-involved shooting

A vigil was held Monday night in Brownsville to remember the man who was killed in a police-involved shooting in Brownsville on Friday.
Kwesi Ashun, 33, was shot and killed inside Goldmine Nail Salon on Mother Gaston Boulevard.
Police say they were trying to arrest 26-year-old Dewayne Hawkes, who was accused of peeing on the floor of the nail salon, when Ashun entered the business and began attacking them.
The altercation ended as police say Ashun grabbed a chair and hit one of the officers in the head with it. That officer fired six shots, killing Ashun. Ashun's family says he suffered from mental illness - but was never dangerous or out of control.
Many gathered at the vigil - expressing their disappointment at the way the situation was handled. They say the city failed Ashun - failed to provide proper resources and training to both him and the officer involved.
Now they're demanding a full investigation and transparency into the incident, and how it could've been de-escalated.
The officer involved in that shooting, Lesly Lafontant, was rushed to the hospital in critical but stable condition and was placed in a medically induced coma. Several days later, he is now back home with his family recovering.