Viral video shows man shove woman into still train in Brooklyn

A viral video shows a man shoving a woman into a train Wednesday night.
The incident took place at the Delkalb Avenue subway station in Downtown Brooklyn. It happened around 7:30 p.m.
In the video, police say Isaiah Thompson appears to push a person before walking over and pushing a woman into a still train. Police say there is a complaint on file for a reckless endangerment incident at the station.
Police say Thompson pushed a woman into a train car that was southbound toward Coney Island. They also say he then jumped onto the train tracks and ran into the tunnel.
Police say the 28-year-old is a transit recidivist offender. They say he is in custody and charges are pending in connection with the incident.
Right now, it is not determined whether the woman has any injuries related to the incident at this time.
Mayor Bill de Blasio says it's the city's job to address situations where anyone feels unsafe. News 12 reached out to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for comment and has not heard back yet.