Vote 2017: 43rd District Republican primary

Four Republicans are facing off for the open 43rd District City Council seat.
The seat is currently held by Councilman Vincent Gentile, whose term limit is up. Gentile is running for Brooklyn district attorney.
Lucretia-Regina Potter is the Republican district leader of the 46th Assembly District. She opposes any new taxes and wants to aid small businesses by offering tax incentives. In what's becoming a couple of popular issues in this race, she wants to crack down on illegal home conversions and those bottle collectors who rummage through garbage. The plan is to repeal the nickel deposit tax that allows them to exchange the bottles for 5 cents.
Another candidate with the same stance on that issue is John Quaglione, a top aide to state Sen. Marty Golden. He also wants to make it easier to dispute tickets by allowing small businesses to contest them in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan and reopen night court so people can plead their case after their workday. Quaglione would also call for participatory budgeting, allowing constituents to decide how some money gets spent in the district.
The race also has some political newcomers. Bob Capano, a business manager and professor at John Jay College, vows to stand up to Democrats and any progressive policies. Like many of his competitors, he wants to crack down on illegal home conversions and also show more support for the police department.
Wrapping up the list of candidates is Liam McCabe, a former CEO of a consulting firm. He too says he's fed up with illegal home conversions and proposes convening city agencies to address it. To prevent gentrification, he's promising to extend rent stabilization and is a proponent of community policing.
The 43rd District covers Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bath Beach.
Primary Day is next Tuesday, Sept. 12.