Voting officials declare successful Election Day, begin preparing for future

Voting officials and advocates Wednesday touted a successful Election Day and say they are learning and preparing for future elections.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said that despite previously having been very critical of the Board of Elections, experts agreed that the nine days of early voting helped on Election Day.
"Voters enthusiastically showed up to vote early, thus alleviating the burden on Election Day itself,” said De Blasio.
Susan Lerner, with Common Cause New York, says lines may have been long the first days of early voting, but that wait times got shorter with each passing day.
The BOE says it is happy with the work and that the June primary prepared it
for this election.
This was the third time that early voting has happened during an election in the city. Voter advocates say more early polling sites would make the process go even smoother.
The BOE says it's added more sites with each early election as it continues to see the benefits.