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Want to increase your focus and productivity while working from home? Here are 5 tips

It's been almost a year since a lot of us started working from home. Do you love your home workspace?

News 12 Staff

Mar 25, 2021, 8:49 AM

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It's been almost a year since a lot of us started working from home. Do you love your home workspace? 
Whether it's temporary or permanent for you, it's important to have a space that's all your own to keep you focused and increase productivity.
Take these steps to find the best spot in your home and create a functional and comfortable workspace:

1. Find a space of your own

First, find a space in your home away from all the hustle and bustle. Pets and family members can be distracting, too. If you don't have a separate room with a door, choose a quiet corner away from noisy appliances or the television. Pay attention to the location of outlets around the room to ensure you'll have access to one for plugging in your electronics.

2. Plug smart

Chances are you'll likely need to use an extension cord or power strip. Determine how many outlets you'll need and the type — three-pronged plugs or USB plugs, for example — and choose one that can meet your needs.
Traditional power strips protect your devices from power surges and supply power to all outlets as long as they're switched on. But that means all devices that are currently plugged in will continue to use energy. Smart power strips can stop that excess energy drain automatically; they can detect when certain devices go into sleep mode and cut off power to that outlet to help you save energy and money. Here are other ways to save energy

3. Get some support

Choosing an office chair that's comfortable and can adjust to your changing needs will benefit you in the long run.
If you want the ability to switch up your space even more, choose an adjustable desk that will allow you to sit or stand while you work. Having the option to switch it up can alleviate aches and pains while adding something new to your daily routine.

4. Light it right

The key to a happy and productive workspace is the right lighting. Taking advantage of natural light can help you save money on energy bills and even reduce headaches and eye aches during the day. If those sun beams come through and cause a glare, consider reorienting your desk area or adding some curtains or blinds.
If you need additional light in your workspace, utilize task lighting instead of overhead lights. Desk lamps put the light right where you need it and can even make you more productive if you choose the correct bulb. 

5. Decorate

Finally, add decorations, plants and other work materials you'll need to be comfortable, content and motivated in your new home office.

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