'We are tired of it': Demonstrators gather at Barclays Center to protest police brutality

Demonstrators gathered at Barclays Center Sunday to call for unity amongst people of color and the NYPD.

Thousands of protesters held signs, shouted chants and played music in hopes to have their voices heard against police brutality.
The crowd was made up of people from all backgrounds, including bikers from motorcycle clubs and health care workers straight from the intensive care unit.
A nurse told News 12 that it means so much to her to have her coworkers, who are not people of color, support her and the Black Lives Matter movement.
"Only black one in the midst of them and they don't see that I don't see that we just we are family we work together," she says.

Many participants told News 12 that they are outraged at how people in the black community are being treated and they came to stand in solidarity.

"A lot of our minorities are being abused and taken advantage of by those people that are in power and we are here to say that enough is enough, we are tired of it and something has got to give and something has got to change," says Jeffrey Duran.
The crowd also took a knee for exactly eight minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time the Minneapolis officer had his knee on George Floyd's neck.

Some protesters told News 12 that this isn't their first time protesting as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. They say they have plans to protest again tomorrow.
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