‘We grow in community’: Gentleman’s Factory offers men of color a place to collaborate

A hidden spot in the borough is giving men of color a place to interact with one another.
The Gentleman's Factory was founded by Jeff Lindor in March 2017 and is located in Prospect Lefferts Garden.
The club combines a lounge and office into one and gives members a chance to build ideas and collaborate in a physical location.
"It's a beautiful thing because we don't grow in isolation," Lindor says. "We grow in community."
More than 100 members composed of entrepreneurs, real estate agents and more say that communicating with people from other walks of life has proven to be beneficial.
They say it has helped them in their personal and professional lives.
Members say the $150-a-month fee for 24-hour access to the loft, seminars on topics from health to finance and networking opportunities is well-worth it.
"It's a small amount to pay for what you're going to get out of it," says member and musician Jackson Chery.
Lindor says there is a waitlist of 300 people, hinting that it may be time to expand.