‘We’re in this fight together’ – NYC residents gather for Stop Asian Hate rally in Queens

The streets outside of Flushing Town Hall in Queens filled with protestors from all five boroughs on Sunday for a Stop the Asian Hate Rally.
Mayor Bill de Blasio joined Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Attorney General Letitia James and other government officials to call for an end to the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans.
"Anyone who hates Asian Americans hates New York City too, hates America too, won't be accepted in New York City," said Mayor de Blasio.
James said hate crimes against Asians in New York state have increased by 223% compared to this time last year.
"There has been an increase in these hate crimes across this country. And in New York, we've experienced the sharpest increase in this country," James said.
Protestors at the rally said it was encouraging to see people of all races rallying against Asian hate.
"It really is telling to know that we're in this fight together," said Kyra Cuevas. "Each minority has their own type of plight but we experience them in different ways, but that plight is something that we share."
Some protesters also said they believe the fight against Asian hate crimes won't be solved solely by increasing law enforcement.
"Even though Flushing is primarily an Asian neighborhood there are Black and Latinx citizens here…as well as Muslim citizens. And their lives could potentially be in danger as well if we are overly dependent on the police, so we have to rely on alternative measures," said Kim Chan.
The U.S. Senate recently passed an anti-Asian hate bill that would push law enforcement agencies to better track hate crimes and create community hotlines.