'We want consistency for our kids': Parents frustrated with constant changes to students' school schedules

Students and parents are being forced to deal with another change as the city's 3% coronavirus positivity rate means a return to all-remote learning for public schools.
Geneal Chacon, a mother of three, is on the panel for educational policy, the governing body of the city's education department, and says the process has been chaos.
"As a parent first and foremost, that has to be stressful," Chacon says. "We want consistency for our kids but unfortunately now, that's not happening."
Public advocate Jumaane Williams also tweeted his frustration Friday, calling Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to close schools an "abject failure."
The Department of Education has not confirmed scheduling modifications, but a Brooklyn teacher says schools are going to redesign classes and change schedules as more students return.
A Bronx charter school changed breaks and lunch times last week, and then changed back.
Children at the school say it has been overwhelming and confusing.
Some parents say that schools are doing an amazing job overall but that they have the power to speak up if something doesn't feel right.