Weather causes delays to coronavirus vaccine deliveries across New York City

Winter weather across the country has caused a delay in coronavirus vaccine deliveries in the city.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says shipments of the vaccines that were scheduled to be delivered last week are delayed, according to the federal government.
The goal is to get the new vaccines to the city as quickly as possible, but the governor says it will be a logistical challenge for the entire state.
Cuomo says that the Bronx will continue to be the focus for vaccine distribution.
“The Bronx would be the place to get the most vaccines, the most testing because that’s where you have the highest positivity rate,” Cuomo says. “And by the way, that’s where you have the most vulnerable communities.”
The governor says that vaccine distribution comes from the federal government, not the state, so if New York City is dealing with supply issues not related to the weather then Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to speak with the federal government.