'We're suffering.' Disabled tenants unable to return home after elevators break at Melrose Houses

Several residents were stranded outside their Melrose apartment building Tuesday after the elevators stopped working.
Residents say the two elevators inside building four at the Melrose Houses have been out of service since 8 a.m.
The residents, some of whom are disabled or suffer from health issues, have not been able to return to their homes as a result.
Juan Bundron is a tenant of the building who suffered a stroke five years ago and needs an electric scooter.
“If they don't fix the elevators, how long will I be down here without showering, without eating? Because I didn't eat today,” he says.
Sara Diaz says it is difficult for her son who has autism to use the stairs.
“I hope they fix these elevators to go up…We're suffering here,” she says.
Some of the tenants told News 12 they put in repair requests to get the elevators fixed.
Notices on the elevators say “out for the repairs” and that they will be back in service “ASAP.”
Con Edison says the outage is likely related to the recent heat wave.
NYCHA added that the outage is because of a low voltage issue. It says it is bringing in a portable generator to get at least one elevator back up and running.
A tenant told News 12 her mother had to use the stairs because of the elevator situation and ended up tripping. She says her mother has to use a walker now.
“I immediately had to take her to the emergency room because she hit her knee and can't walk,” she says. “All we just want is some for the elevators to start working so we can get upstairs."
Con Edison says crews hope to have service restored overnight.
NYCHA says there is a "stair-climber" on site to help those who need a hand getting up the stairs.