West Concourse family still unable to return to apartment following 2022 flood

A family in West Concourse who was forced from their home when it was destroyed by a flood says they are still unable to return one year later.
Nicole White says her mom, 77-year-old Beverley, has lived in the apartment at 675 Walton Ave. for nearly 50 years. She says up until a year ago her mom and brother shared the apartment.
White says on July 17, 2022, water started dripping from the ceiling in the bathroom. It eventually flooded the whole apartment and it had to be gutted down to the studs. She says they still haven't been able to return.
"You rent, you expect that the responsibility for any fixes, any changes, any problems are going to of course be taken care of," says White.
News 12 reached out to HSC Management Corp, who said it is not its responsibility to make the fixes.
News 12 also left messages for Ferrara Management Group, which oversees the co-op, and to the tenant who lives in the apartment where the leak started. Neither has responded to comment.
White believes it is a three-way insurance battle that is holding things up.
"All we're really asking for is for folks to do the job that they have, the management company to get somebody out to do what they need to do, the landlord to get somebody out to do what they're going to do," says White.
White says her mom and brother are now living with her. She says they have been legally advised to stop paying rent.