What you need to know before heading out to cast your ballot

Thousands will be casting their votes in today's midterm elections, and News 12 has you covered with everything you need to know.
For starters, voters do not need any identification or an ID card to vote, unless you didn’t provide ID when you registered.
Polls close tonight at 9 p.m., but as long as you’re in line before that time, you’ll still be able to cast your vote.
If you are voting by absentee ballot, today is the last day to postmark your general election ballot as it has to be received by the county board by Nov. 15.
The State Attorney General Letitia James announced that with this election her office is making its election protection hotline available to troubleshoot and resolve a range of issues that voters may encounter.
Voters that experience issues at their polling places can call - 1-866-390-2992, submit complaints online, or email election.hotline@ag.ny.gov.
You can also find more information on how to submit an election complaint here.