Williamsburg cyclists disappointed by bike lane on Grand Street

Just months after the city's Department of Transportation completed a bike lane along a busy street in Williamsburg, cyclists say it has been a nightmare for them dealing with cars blocking the lanes.
Cyclists are calling the lane along Grand Street unusable due to cracked roads and vehicles blocking the lane. Some say they have safety concerns when using the route because they have to weave in and out of traffic.
Right now the lane uses white sticks as a barrier, but cyclists say the lane needs a stronger barrier to keep cars out.
"The point of a protected bike lane is to give people even more separation from moving traffic, create better safety. There have been people killed on bikes here on Grand Street in the last few years and that was a part of the impulse to put these in. So we really have a design problem here," says Jon Orcutt, spokesperson for Bike NY.
The DOT initially put the bike lane along the route to be used as a safe transportation option as many feared the L train would shut down last fall.
A DOT spokesperson say they are in the process of finishing touch-ups and reinstalling barriers where necessary.