Williamsburg welcomes new school to kick off a new school year

A Williamsburg elementary school not only kicked off a new school year, but it also welcomed students for the very first time.
Williamsburg Elementary School is home to 300 kindergarten through fourth-grade students. The school hosted a morning motivation session to help get kids get ready to go for the day, the year and every school year after that.
"We have high rigor, but we're also building students with strong character," says Principal Mallorie Bocachica. "We spend a lot of time developing our teachers to make sure that our scholars get the highest quality education possible."
The school is part of the Uncommon Schools Network, which prides itself on helping students reach college.
Music teacher Angel Rodriguez is up for the challenge.
'The thing about music is that it teaches the whole child, the social, emotional needs of child," says Rodriguez.
The next level is to get the students to one of the Uncommon Schools 11 middle schools.