Woman claims she was struck, arrested by NYPD during traffic stop

A Canarsie woman claims she was beaten and arrested by NYPD officers during a traffic stop last weekend.
Cassandra McKoy says the encounter involved officers at the 75th Precinct. The 34-year-old woman says she was stopped for having tinted windows.
"He walked around to the right side of me and punched me in my cheek. I grabbed my cheek because I was hit hard. It kind of had me spaced out and dazed," said McKoy.
McKoy shared photos with News 12 which she says illustrates how police left her after the incident. She says she was left with bruises on her face and a chipped tooth.
"I feel degraded," she said.
Police tell News 12 that officers were conducting a lawful car stop when McKoy began to act disorderly toward the officers. They say McKoy was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.
McKoy says after she was released, she returned to the precinct Friday morning accusing police of taking thousands of dollars. She says it was inside of her wallet during the time of the arrest.
She says she has been jumping through hoops to get her money back. After Friday's meeting, she says she plans to work with the NYPD Property and Evidence Tracking System to recover her money.