Woman forced to sleep in van with 4 kids due to rat-infested home

A Crown Heights woman says she is being forced to sleep in her van with her four kids because she says her home is infested with rats.
Jennifer Garay and her four kids say they have been hearing sounds of rats being caught in traps for about a month now.
"They are making holes in my walls, they are jumping all over the place. I found one, it came out of the cabinet and ended up on my son's shoulder. One was running around the house as my daughter was asleep. One jumped on her bed, it's just ridiculous," said Garay.
They've even been pushed out of their own home. "I had to rush in my car because my kids were terrified. I was terrified. I had to put my seats down and put an air mattress in my van. They are eating my food, they are messing up my wires, they're messing up my radios, everything," said Garay.
However, she's not the only one - several of her neighbors said they've seen rats in the building and their apartments too.
Garay says when she reached out about a month ago to the New York City Housing Authority -- she was told someone would come in mid-December.
But she says when she informed them that News 12 was coming, NYCHA arrived on Wednesday. NYCHA officials did come back while News 12 cameras were rolling Friday morning saying, "We can't do no work until they leave. Once they leave, then we can start doing what we need to do."
NYCHA officials tell News 12 that they have plans to complete the plastering in Garay's apartment, replace the base of her cabinet, and paint as well.
They also say they're going to exterminate her apartment and throughout the building.
"If they can't fix it right now, they need to put me in a hotel room with my kids somewhere safe," said Garay.