Woman known as 'Las Madrinas de Las Artes' elevates future artists in the Bronx

A Bronx woman known by her nickname 'Las Madrinas de Las Artes' is helping to elevate future Bronx artists.
Elba Cabrera has dedicated her life to honoring her Puerto Rican roots. Cabrera was born in Ponce and moved to the states during the Great Depression. Her family settled in the Bronx when she was nine.
Cabrera went back to college in her 40s and was offered an opportunity to work with the Association of Hispanic Arts.
"They were working with the Latino community, the organizations, artists and I got that job and I was there for 10 years," says Cabrera. "It was the best experience."
One of her proudest achievements is helping 40 artists get funding to fuel their passions.
Cabrera later worked at Lehman College and the Girl Scouts, but her commitment to highlighting Hispanic art never changed.
"One of the things I was taught was to give back, to give back to the community and I am still doing that because you know what, when you give, you get back," says Cabrera.
Cabrera is now retired, but volunteers for several groups.