90-year-old veteran to raise POW flag in Riverdale for first time

On this Veterans Day, we salute all the men and women who serve our country past, present and future.
A local vet in the Bronx is making sure veterans are honored in his community.
Irving Liebowitz, now 90 years old, is a veteran of the Korean War. He was sent to basic training for 13 weeks in Fort Dix and was set to be deployed to Korea upon completion. However, he had to be hospitalized at the end of training and was sent to France instead.
He says he was stationed in a warehouse in France, helping support NATO allies with supplies and equipment from afar, serving two years in the United States Army.
"Those who fought in all of the wars that we were ever in, they're all veterans,” says Liebowitz.
Liebowitz now lives in Riverwalk in the Riverdale section of the Bronx and realized that they didn't have a POW flag when he got there. This year he will raise the new flag for the first time, which can be seen from near and far.
"The flag represents all veterans wherever they may be. You can see it from the river, and there are tugboats going up and down the river,” says Liebowitz.
He said he plans on saying a few words on Veterans Day and will talk about the meaning of the flag and the sacrifice all veterans have made.
"For those who were in service and didn't return,” says Liebowitz.