'You took a life': Man sentenced to 20 years to life for murder

A man was sentenced Friday to 20 years to life for the murder of 33-year-old William Fernandez back in June of 2018.
Prosecutors say 47-year-old David Hall fatally shot Fernandez and that it all started over a parking spot. The judge detailed how obsessed Hall was about his vehicle and how he didn't allow anyone to park in a specific spot on the street.
The judge says Hall even set up cameras to keep watch. Prosecutors say surveillance video showed that Fernandez was not a danger to Hall when he gunned him down.
"My brother wasn't looking for trouble. He was trying to avoid him that night and he kept on taunting my brother and chasing him," said the victim's sister, Jasmine Fernandez.
The defense attorney asked the judge to lessen the sentence to 15 years, but prosecutors and Fernandez's sister made sure the judge didn't forget Hall's actions and the impact they say it had on their family.
Fernandez's sister says she finds a little comfort in the decision. She says she will do everything she can to make sure Hall completes his full sentence.