Young residents to try to save Brooklyn Promenade

Hundreds of young residents took action Sunday to try to save the Brooklyn Promenade.
The area is set to close for six years to make way for an elevated six-lane highway over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.  The DOT says it needs to fix the cantilever that supports both the promenade and the expressway below.
The young residents say the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade holds a special place in their hearts and offers an unobstructed view of the city skyline that they don't want taken away.
They wrote hundreds of letters to Mayor Bill de Blasio to ask him to halt plans for the shutdown.
The group that organized this event, A Better Way NYC, say they're especially concerned for the spike in air and noise pollution that will come with more traffic.
In a statement to News 12 Brooklyn, the DOT says in part "We are working to ensure the BQE repairs have the least possible disruption... the temporary elevated roadway option will only replace the promenade during construction, and will then be converted back."
It aims to break ground by 2021.