Young shoe designer makes splash in Hollywood after launching sneaker line

Last month, News 12 brought you the story of a young shoe designer launching her own sneaker line (hyperlink: Now, her work is set to make a big splash in Hollywood.  
Amira Dior Traynham-Artis designed her first sneaker two years ago, and later launched her own signature sneaker line, Lane 1. She says she’s often recognized by strangers, and appreciates those who acknowledge her labor of love. 
This year, Amira will get to showcase her shoes in an Oscar gift suite this year, and hopes to give some of her favorite sneakers to some celebrities. 
“I really hope that Zendaya is there, or Jenna Ortega,” said Traynham-Artis.  
Traynham-Artis was also invited to the Grammy’s and the Cannes Film Festival as well. Her manager shared the story of her sneaker line to his network. Gernie Company, a Brooklyn brand, is now partnering with Lane 1 to get 75 shoes made for display.  
She says that her journey to grow her business has taught her valuable lessons.  
“Someone is going to say they don't like what you're doing, but there are over a thousand people,” said Traynham-Artis. “I'm sure that a majority of that thousand is willing like your work."