'You're not taking care of the building.' Residents say elevator in East Tremont building out of service for over a month

Residents say the elevator at 1895 Belmont Ave. has been out of service for over a month and are fearful it could impact their mental and physical health. 
Wandy Rivera's parents live on the fifth floor of the six-story apartment building, and she says they have missed appointments and now spend long days inside because of the issue. "My dad every morning asks me 'Are we going outside today?' and what am I telling him? 'No,'" says Rivera. 
Other residents in the building say meeting in the halls has become a new reality and that they have just had enough. "You're not taking care of the building, and we're supposed to live like basic human beings," says resident Maria Williams. Right now, the building has 41 open violations with the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development. 
News 12 and residents called management while on site and they responded saying they do not have an exact date on when the elevator will be fixed. 
Residents say the stairs should not be their only option and they hope the issue will be resolved so they can go back to their everyday routine.