110-year-old Bronx woman receives first surgery of her life

A 110-year-old Bronx woman shares her recovery process after having her first surgery.   
In June 2022, Louis Jean Signore took a fall in her bedroom and broke her hip. Signore chose to have her left hip surgically repaired, and her team of doctors at Jacobi Medical Center said she’s the oldest person they’ve performed a surgery like this on. While uncommon, Dr. Priya Patel said repairing the hip made sense for Signore's lifestyle.  
"Age shouldn't be a factor, and that's what we try to offer all of our patients, to really understand what their goals of care are, what they want to do with their life that they have," said Patel. "She definitely had that will power to get better and live the independent life that she’s been living." 
Signore prides herself on being a single, bocce-loving dancer and swimmer. She retired from the MTA at age 65 but has stayed active for the over 40 years she has been in retirement.  
She will celebrate her 111th birthday on July 31 in Co-op City, where she lived for over 50 years.