2 BK men call out NYPD for alleged aggressive behavior in East New York

Two Brooklyn men are calling out the NYPD for what they are describing as aggressive behavior after a shooting in East New York on Friday.
Cellphone video seems to show several police officers throwing a man to the ground as others come to help. At least one of the officers is apparently seen throwing a punch. Antonio Rosado says he is the man on the ground in the video.
"Three cops rushed me, one of them pulled my hair, the other one grabbed onto my jacket and pulled it over my head a little bit," says Rosado.
The incident occurred after police responded to a shooting on Montauk Avenue in East New York.
Police say a man was shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital.
Rosado said he was in a crowd of people and knew the man who was shot. He says police were interrogating the sister of the shooting victim, who was their close friend.
"We see our sister getting pinned up on the wall so we were like 'Yo, What's going on?'" he says.
Seeing her visibly distressed, he and his friends tried to get past the officer to speak to her.  Rosado says that's when an officer got aggressive and another officer started to get physical.
"I pulled out my phone to record. The white cop pushed me and tried to choke me up, after he tried to choke me up, I put my hand on his neck and then I let go because I'm on probation and I didn't want to be in that type of incident," says Rosado.
The video also shows what appears to be a police officer shove another man to the ground.  Seconds later, a third man is seen on the sidewalk as an officer appears to restrain him.  Kenneth Birt says he is the third man.
"I just came home. I just did two years. So we aren't trying to end up in a situation with the police and then we end up going back to jail," says Birt.
Police say they were responding to the crime scene and a crowd gathered. They say the shooting victim was being uncooperative and as they were trying to clear the scene, Rosado was not complying with the officer's orders.
Rosado says he was the only one arrested, but then released shortly after with a summons.
"All they had to do was say move back a couple of feet, we are trying to de-escalate the situation and try to find out whats going on. They didn't even do that. They just pushed us around," says Rosado.
The men say the situation could have easily gotten out of hand and someone could have gotten seriously hurt. They say they plan to take legal action against the city.