2 women to open coffee shop in Riverdale with help from neighbors

Two women received support from their community as they prepare to start up a coffee shop in Riverdale.
Katie Mayer and Heather Kim are working to open a coffee shop called Early Bird on Mosholu Avenue. The two women say it's something that’s much needed in the area.
"We've always traveled either down to south Riverdale to get our coffee, or up to Bronxville to get our coffee, Mayer says.
Once they realized the need for a neighborhood coffee shop, the women launched a Kickstarter campaign. Within a few weeks, they raised $20,000.
They say many of the backers were people who live in the community and agreed that a coffee shop was an essential addition to the neighborhood.
The coffee shop owners signed a lease for a space and say they have already begun to connect with their neighbors.
Mayer and Kim hosted an Easter egg hunt over the weekend where they brought a taste of the coffee they'll be serving. They say they want to bring new life into their community with this project.
"We just saw so many 'For Rent' signs, and so many businesses closing in the area," Mayer says. "Were like, we need to do something because it's getting dire. One way to uplift a neighborhood is to really invest in the local economy.
Mayer and Kim say they are hoping to open up the coffee shop in the summer.