2nd plane intercepted by military jets near LI due to violation of UN restrictions

A second plane was intercepted by F-15 jets near Long Island on Wednesday.
It was spotted about 15 miles southeast of New York City around 6:30 p.m. when air space as being restricted because of meetings at the United Nations.
A separate plane from MacArthur Airport was intercepted hours before the incident.
It will now be up to the Federal Aviation Administration what consequences there will be for the pilot, but the agency could potentially take away their flying license.
"The FAA is going to talk to that pilot, find out a little about him or her, look at safety records and see if maybe there were other events with this pilot has flown in an unsafe manner," says Farmingdale State College Aviation Director Michael Canders.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command tells News 12 the two incidents are not related.