2nd span of Kosciuszko Bridge opens to pedestrians, bicycles

The bike and pedestrian lane on the second span of the Kosciuszko Bridge is now open.
The second span will open to drivers Thursday.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says this is the first new major bridge crossing constructed in New York City since the Verrazano Bridge in 1964, and that it's four years ahead of schedule and on budget.
The new bridge has nine lanes replacing the six that were on the existing bridge. The lanes are wider now at 12 feet. The Queens-bound side, which opened in April 2017, has five lanes, and the Brooklyn-bound side will have four. This should address congestion issues.
On top of that, the bridge is 35 feet lower so that's going to reduce the incline in that steepness that many dealt with for years on the old bridge.
Gov. Cuomo also says they are creating a new park. It'll be about 7 acres in total under the bridge and will feature exhibits, artwork, concerts and other events. The plan is to have it run by the North Brooklyn Park's Alliance.